About Us

We’re not for everyone. Our bank manager wishes that were otherwise. With school fees and all the other hoohah, we have to be on it, and at it and generally focussed. We specialise in finding really interesting, really well made pieces of furniture and, dare we say it, objets, for private buyers and the trade.

Our patch is Scotland. Well, let’s call that Scotland in general plus the North of England, Wales, Ireland and France. And we regularly can be found at Battersea and Olympia. In fact, you’ll find us almost anywhere we can truffle out the gear. In terms of style, have a looky see. Our ruder friends think we’re very bloky bloke. Totally unfair.

But we have to admit to liking an honest look. No crime in that. But when all is said and done, we are in the business of finding interesting things for interesting people. It might be a very distinguished pair of curtains. But they would have to be damned good. An oriental chest. A good but slightly tatty chandelier. If it catches the eye. If it will appreciate in value. If it screams great taste. We’re your man. School fees don’t pay themselves. And, if you have been, thanks for reading. Oh, and by the by, we’re very happy to entertain any requests. The odder you make them the better we like it.